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2022 - MIKA @ Chant du Gros Festival, Switzerland - 7 September 2022 REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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We're looking forward to hear all about your gig experiences from tonight ! :fangurl:


  1. Intro / Lollipop
  2. Origin Of Love
  3. Big Girl
  4. Tiny Love
  5. Relax
  6. Ice Cream
  7. Boum Boum Boum
  8. Yo-Yo
  9. Underwater
  10. Happy Ending
  11. Rain
  12. Elle Me Dit
  13. Grace Kelly
  14. We Are Golden
  15. Love Today
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2 hours ago, Kumazzz said:



What does Mika speaking.... ???



Here is the little pink pig. Do you know that the trauma created by this little thing will stay with me all year long? What the f*** does that little pink pig means? Once upon a time there was a little pink pig who told himself: well with my big and totally idiotic eyes that the whole world can see. Can you see them well? I'm going to try something. So the little pink pig gets out of his pink house goes into the big grey world and the little pink pig is lucky and he finds love right away. But one day the little pink pig's heart gets broken and his little happy eyes shut themselves a bit. So for all the children who are here tonight, this is what love does. But there is a solution. Because when you are sad there is something that can change this into that and it's a song or music. Now it's over. You can travel little free pig. What the heck am I saying? It's a good thing it is one of the last concerts of because it will never finish.


Then he sings a bit of YoYo and says "pink pig"  then he laughs and he says he will kill anyone who dares uploading this on youtube , sings again then says "pink pig"


My subjective interpretation: 

It is really funny but it strikes me that it is a metaphore of what just happened because the magic piano was postponed and many fans reacted in a bad way because their hearts were broken and I guess Mika's heart too but a song and music can fix that (and YoYo in particular) 

The little pink can represent Mika and also his fans.



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2 hours ago, Kumazzz said:



What does Mika speaking.... ???



Here is the little pink pig. Do you know that this little gesture will traumatize me all year long? What does the ####ing little pink pig mean? The little pink pig says to himself, “Okay, with my big eyes completely silly, open to the whole world, I'm going to try my luck in love“. Then the little pink pig comes out of his little pink house and goes to the big gray world. And the little pink pig is lucky as only little pink pigs can be and he finds love. Right away. Except that one day, little pink pig, he has his heart broken. And his happy little eyes close (he scrunches the pig in his hand). So all the children who are here tonight, love does that (he shows the scrunched pig ??). But there is a solution. Because when you're sad, there's one thing that can turn that into that (he shows the pig unshrunk ??). And it is a song or the music.

And that's the end (he throws the pig towards the public). Travel free little pig...

What am I telling? It's good that it's one of my last concerts, otherwise it will never end...

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Canal Alpha


Le Journal


Jeudi 8 septembre 2022


C'est parti fort pour la 30e édition du Chant du Gros

La 30e édition du Chant du Gros a débuté hier soir. Après deux années perturbées par la pandémie, le festival du Noirmont a retrouvé son public pour la soirée d’ouverture. Au programme, les concerts de la Biennoise Phanee de Pool, suivi de Patrick Bruel et de Mika.


A Part of Mika


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4 hours ago, crazyaboutmika said:


My subjective interpretation: 

It is really funny but it strikes me that it is a metaphore of what just happened because the magic piano was postponed and many fans reacted in a bad way because their hearts were broken and I guess Mika's heart too but a song and music can fix that (and YoYo in particular) 

The little pink can represent Mika and also his fans.

I actually thought the same thing when I saw the clip. Especially with Mika saying that it will “traumatize him”, it’s quite a strong reaction for such a little pink pig 🐖 :wink2:

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Quelques minutes avant l'ouverture des portes, au taquet. Quelques photos de la magnifique soirée du mercredi pour vous faire patienter.
Jonathan Vallat Photographer @jonathan_vallat_photographer
Gilles Mauron
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YouTube links by @Romy04

Thanks a million Romy, you are a star ! :flowers2:




Origin Of Love



Tiny Love






Ice Cream



Boum Boum Boum






Happy Ending



Grace Kelly


We Are Golden



Love Today


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The last concert of the summer tour in Le Noirmont was spectacular! 😍 At noon we attended the rehearsals of the musicians, which are each time so fun. Max said Orangina, instead of Origin Of Love and everyone laughed. I love him! 🤣🤣🤣 About the evening, the audience was full of energy and Patrick Bruel and Phanee de Pool who performed before him, gave us the right charge to face the rest of the evening with Mika. 💥 He is an incredible performer and he managed, from the very first notes, to win over the fans who were not there for him. It didn’t look like a festival, but a real concert! We sang, danced, did the fan action of the white stars lit up with the torch of the cell phone, which he liked very much, all together and it was amazing. Mika brought on stage a girl who wanted to sing with him and together with them and Clément and Max, some girls who lived in Le Noirmont and gave us an ending of Underwater too much fun, because one of them ended up out of tune. 🤣🤣🤣 After the final greetings and thanks, Mika returned to the stage with the towel on his shoulders, dancing the remix of Yo Yo, to thank us once again. He was happy and satisfied as we were. 😍 After the concert we met him and he was very kind and helpful and confirmed that the choice to cancel the tour was made because he wants to guarantee a high level of his performance and if he can’t do it, he prefers not to do it. For Verona and the 4 rows in the orchestra pit, he knew nothing about it and was disappointed, but he said to enjoy the concert because it will be a great party and that in the future we will see. I believe that as soon as he can, he will recover the Italian tour. 🤞❤️

I share videos and photos:































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20 min


Publié11 septembre 2022, 10:37
Le Chant du Gros a enchanté 50’000 personnes

Le festival, avec Mika en tête d’affiche, a attiré la foule dans les champs du Noirmont (JU) du 7 au 10 septembre 2022.


Après une édition 2021 réduite, le Chant du Gros a tourné à plein régime en 2022. Organisé sur quatre jours, à l’occasion de ses 30 ans, au lieu de trois habituellement, le festival jurassien a séduit 50’000 personnes. Un record, et ce, malgré la pluie et le froid qui se sont invités à la fête. «C’est un anniversaire magique. Cette édition a été tellement compliquée à monter. On a souffert, comme beaucoup d’autres, de soucis de livraison du matériel. Jusqu’au dernier moment, on s’est demandé si on allait réussir à ouvrir. Le samedi, en regardant le concert de Sinsemilia, j’ai eu des larmes qui ont coulé en comprenant qu’on y était finalement arrivé», a confié Gilles Pierre, directeur.


Financièrement, le Chant du Gros, monté avec un budget de 3,5 millions de francs, sera bénéficiaire:

«Cela fait du bien, après une année 2020 sans rien et une année 2021 où l’on a, forcément, à cause du virus antifiesta, pas fait de bénéfice en organisant un minifestival de 1’000 personnes par jour avec des artistes comme Catherine Ringer.»


En 2023, le festival reviendra avec sa formule standard, du 7 au 9 septembre. «Quand on est dans le plaisir, on a envie que cela dure le plus longtemps possible. Mais, là, au bout de quatre jours, il faut reconnaître que les bénévoles (ndlr: au nombre de 1800) sont sur les rotules. On ne peut pas leur imposer chaque année un ascenseur émotionnel comme celui-ci», a expliqué Gilles Pierre.


Côté musique, le Jurassien a trouvé Mika vraiment impressionnant. «On aurait dit que Freddie Mercury était de retour sur scène».


Il a aussi beaucoup apprécié l’impact sur le jeune public des rappeurs comme Soso Maness et Vald. En émettant, tout de même, un petit bémol sur ces artistes programmés sur la seconde scène de l’événement.


«Il y a eu du monde, mais ce n’était pas l’émeute. Si on veut du hip-hop sur la Grande scène, on devra taper beaucoup plus fort que ça. Il faudra que l’on trouve une megatête d’affiche». 


:uk: Google translator



Le Chant du Gros enchanted 50,000 people


The festival, headlined by Mika, drew crowds to the fields of Noirmont (JU) from September 7 to 10, 2022.

After a reduced 2021 edition, the Chant du Gros turned full throttle in 2022. Organized over four days, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, instead of the usual three, the Jura festival attracted 50,000 people. A record, despite the rain and the cold that were invited to the party. "It's a magical birthday. This edition was so complicated to put together. We suffered, like many others, from problems with the delivery of equipment. Until the last moment, we wondered if we were going to succeed in opening. On Saturday, watching the Sinsemilia concert, I had tears that flowed when I understood that we had finally arrived there”, confided Gilles Pierre, director.

Financially, the Chant du Gros, set up with a budget of 3.5 million francs, will benefit:

“It feels good, after a year 2020 without anything and a year 2021 where we, inevitably, because of the antifiesta virus, did not make a profit by organizing a mini-festival of 1,000 people a day with artists like Catherine Ringer."

In 2023, the festival will return with its standard format, from September 7 to 9. “When we are in pleasure, we want it to last as long as possible. But, there, after four days, it must be recognized that the volunteers (note: 1800 in number) are on their knees. We cannot impose an emotional lift like this on them every year, ”explained Gilles Pierre.


In terms of music, the Jura resident found Mika really impressive. "It looked like Freddie Mercury was back on stage."


He also greatly appreciated the impact on young audiences of rappers like Soso Maness and Vald. By emitting, all the same, a small flat on these artists programmed on the second stage of the event.


“There were people, but it was not the riot. If we want hip-hop on the Main Stage, we're gonna have to hit a lot harder than that. We will have to find a megaheadliner”.









Mika - mercredi 7 septembre 2022

Chant du Gros / Jonathan Vallat


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Realisateur live un bonheur .. avec de belles images et de beau artistes … captation live sur chant du gros 2022…
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