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Other artists you like to listen to

Sunny Monkey

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[B][SIZE="3"]i love music, so i like more...but these ones are my top! je...[/SIZE][/B]

[B][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="4"]* Gwen Stefani

* Thalia (mexican singer)

* Nelly Furtado

* Madonna

* The Cranberries

* Julieta Venegas (mexican singer)

* ColdPlay

* Avril Lavigne[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

[B][SIZE="3"]others like:

-Robbie Williams
-The postal service
-Katie Melua
-Lenny Kravitz

-and more....[/SIZE][/B]


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[quote name='Ale FerRo']Julieta Venegas (mexican singer)

I looooooooooooooooove Julieta Venegas! Saw her in concert in 2005. Massively talented artist, who, just like MIKA writes her own songs, plays all her instruments on her albums and consistently puts out top music!


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My favourite band is Muse :wub2: (note user name!) but I also like Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds ,The Divine Comedy, the Smiths,Editors ,Sparks,Luxembourg,Steely Dan, Patti Smith,Colin Blunstone, and Joni Mitchell to name a few!
Basically I like anyone with a good tune!

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[quote name='mizzshears']okay my list here it goes:

scissor sisters
the beatles
the kooks
the killers
kaiser chiefs
franz ferdinand
james blunt
james morrison

mizzshears your taste is impecable :) Ditto on all of those for me :thumb_yello:

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my muscial taste is so varied:
basement jaxx
smashing pumpkins
take that (before robbie left)
elton john (don't tell me u don't like him?)
tracy chapman
the rolling stones (brown sugar era)
the beatles (strawberry fields era)
scissor sisters
the blue bar 2 album
sister sledge
jackson five
pink floyd
plup (jarvis cocker is a ledgend)
phats and small
robbie (but not the last album)
most chessey pop with a dance routine
musical soundtracks
madonna (true blue era)
you can probably see why Mika appeals to me

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