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Mika @ London KOKO 22 Feb 2007

Sunny Monkey

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Anyone getting excited yet?? It only just dawned on me that its NEXT THURSDAY!!!!! OMG!!! :shocked:


Am wondering what time to get there.... never really been to proper gig before... should I get in, find a good spot and plant myself there??! I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself!!


Any more people here going?!! See you at the front hopefully!!! :naughty:

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I hope to be in the area around 6ish.. grab a bite.. Tickets say doors open at 7pm, but Mika's last MySpace blog said doors open at 7:30pm.. so will see!.. I couldn't sleep!!!! When I did get to sleep I was dreaming I was at the gig!!! :)

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MIKA DAY!!!!!!!!

I'm going to get there about 6.30 ish pm me if you wanna meet up. I am nice and not a weirdo or anything ( well my friends think I am when I start talking about Mika though, but i am assuming you guy's are the same!)

Everybody's gonna love today! Shock shock me!

Love Jemmalee x

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Yep yep! Would have been Tuesday in Brighton if not for nasty flu! I hope he's going to be bouncing with energy after a well deserved rest!!! Getting butterflies just thinking about it.... less then an hour to go and I am off to get changed.. put my going out face on (currently have pretend to be working face on) and head on up to Camden!! woooohooooo!

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