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Grace Kelly video and article


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Not sure if you guys have seen this yet but I found a link to Mika's "Grace Kelly" video and a short article/music blog. There is also a contest (Edit by Sunny Monkey "You can find the contest here"). The link to the article is here. I tried to post it under member exclusives but the board would not allow me to, so I guess this is as good of place as any. Enjoy! :wink2:

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Bah you beat me to it ;) Had that on my list of things as I collected the link the other day. Ah well, thanks for posting and I have promoted it to the front page so others can find the competition! :)


Feel free to post anything like this that you find in here. As for not being able to the post in the members only section, at the moment that forum is going to remain "high quality" so we have control over what goes in it. Actually, sod it! It's your site, I will set the permissions so you can all post in there and the threads will be moderated just like this forum. As such, in future, you should be able to post where you want :)


Hope you are having a great weekend :)



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I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win. I hope I win.


I was so lucky I saw it on the night of the 7th of January! If I missed it I would have cried. Heh. Not like I'd win. But still. It's that :jawdrop: moment.

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