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Heya guys.


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Heya everyone. I'm Laura. I recently discovered Mika and I think he's absolutely fabulous! :mf_lustslow:


I adore his music now and can't wait for his new album. I'm also hoping to go and see him on his tour in Feb. :woot_jump:


I've now got friend hooked and I'm dragging her along. :wink2:


Hope to get to know you all! :thumb_yello:




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I'd heard the song a couple of times and I loved it but it wasn't until I saw the predictions for the big acts of 2007 on Popworld that I realised that it was him. So i looked him up on the net and found a couple of sites including this 1. :wink2:

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...nobody seems to be really reading introductions, just posting a hello:naughty:


I know! It's so random. :roftl:

Most people apparently just post and leave. Which makes for fun threads for the ones who do read them. :naughty:

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