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Your Fav Mika Song?

Sunny Monkey

Your fav Mika Song?  

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  1. 1. Your fav Mika Song?

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Love Today is my favorite. I just wanna strip to my undies and dance around like Tom Cruise did in Risky Business. But as I havent had my neck and back fixed, tapping my feet will do for now....





that I would have to see....... when will you be better?


lv, andi xxx

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Hello Board,


Well, through the "magical miracles of the internet", I have heard samples of pretty much all the provisional Mika Debut Album, and all the songs are nearly brilliant upon each other, you really see alot of influences here. :thumb_yello: From the Scissor Sister Discoteque slices of "Relax, Take It Easy" & "Love Today", to the Rufus Wainwright Foolish Love like "Grace Kelly" & "Billy Brown", and finishing off with the Sir Elton "Sir Dukish" piano pickling of "My Interpretation" & "Stuck In The Middle":thumb_yello: ! This debut is SUCH a intoxicating souljourn through such a thick brierpatch of music's past, present and future, it's REALLY hard to just pick one favorite song. But alas, my fav is..


Grace Kelly!


Simply due to it's honest, innocent and utterly climatic complexity to it! Thanks for listening and Cheers!




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I voted for Billy Brown, but I really shouldn't have done that since I haven't heard all the songs and won't be able to until I buy the album. But I love everything I've heard so far from his myspace, and the runaway winner right now, Grace Kelly, is what attracted me to him in the first place.

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