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Are 110% fans allowed? :)


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Hello all,


I'm Jon, from Brighton, huge fan!!! :D


Saw him down here a while ago, there were about 50 -100 ppl in Concorde 2, just checked and its sold out this time!! Shame, my parents even wanted to come!


Luv to the Mika ppl!



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Hi mate,


Yeah, I noticed you were local, all the best ppl are down here ;)

Have deffo got tickets for myself, well chuffed too. I honestly couldn't believe how amazing he is, almost makes up for never seeing Queen live.


I'm sure I'll have many ramblings, certainly need it after a day of working with serious engineers! See you at the gig?! I'll be there with my missus and a mate who hasn't seen him before, he's in for a real treat!





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