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hello, hello.


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Just realised I have been here 4 days and not introduced myself yet. how rude of me.


my name is andi and I live 'up north' in Northumberland, but close to Newcastle. I'm married and I'm a mammy of 2.

I love scissor sisters:mf_lustslow: , as well as others, and i am now pretty much obsessed with Mika.


oh, and it's really fun here:thumb_yello:


lv, andi xxx

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hello!! how are you!


i take it your a boardie then... who are you on the ss board?



there are so many ss boardies on here!:thumb_yello:


love steph x


How did you guess? hehe. I'm angel on the ss board. I don't post too often but I'm there most days:wink2:


and i'm looking forward to meeting you too jane:thumb_yello:


lv, andi xxx

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