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What's In A Name?

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Intrigued by our rising young star's real name - came across this New Year weekend. Wondering if his first name was Lebanese, and did he perhaps take his mother's surname and not that of his father?


Looking into 'names' resources, "Mica" appears to be a girl's name in the USA. Maybe it is short for Michah (Hebrew) meaning 'who is similar to god?".


Mika I found as a Japanese girl's name, meaning 'The New Moon' - though could be short for Hebrew boys names Mikal or Mikasi. Then there's an Arabian boy's name, Mika'il - angel name (Michael).


Also Sunny Monkey mentioned that F1 racing driver, Mika.


Seems a little odd to chose the professional name 'Mika', (have to say it suits him entirely), when there is already another artist of that name - electronic techno music.


Thoughts? Though I don't want to intrude on privacy - just curious.



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I had a question regarding Mika's name. I live in the U.S., and have not heard his name pronounced on the radio or anything - so I'm curious. Is Mika pronounced "Meek-a" or "Mike-a"? (Hope those two semi-phonetic writings make sense.)


I've been referring to him as "Meek-a," but recently realized that it may very well be "Mike-a," like Micah.




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here in Italy is easy the pronunciation of "Mika"...because we have the world "mica" wich means "at all", "in the least", "a bit"...for example the sentence: "he isn't changed a bit", in italian is "non è mica cambiato"

so his name is very easy to remeber here in italy!!:wink2:

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Because it's a very common name in Finland they said it like "Miga", well the same "g" as in doG. :thumbdown:


Why did they say it like that? :blink:

In Finland the name Mika is said correctly "Mika", there's no "g" as in "dog" just "k" as in... "Mika"! :biggrin2:

It's true, Mika is a everyday male's name in Finland and it's even pronounced the same way as MIKA should be! :thumb_yello:

It would be odd to most of the finnish people to meet a girl named Mika! :mfr_omg:

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It is Michael really I read somewhere that he changed Mica to Mika so that it is easier to pronounce (?) but I think he is clever to use this name : it is short, easy to remember and without fuss, certainly a name one does not easily forget!

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i love the name Michael. i don't quite understand why he changed his name to a girls name but i love it. my dad calls him "Schmika" cause he insists on having some sort of crude nickname for every person on the earth, haha.


I love that, tell he's top!:thumb_yello:

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Wikipedia says:


Mica Penniman (born 18 August 1983, Michael Holbrook Penniman), known by his stage name Mika (IPA [ˈmiːkə])...


Wikipedia in Dutch says:


Mika komt uit een gezin met 5 kinderen. Hij heeft 1 broer (Fortuné) en 3 zussen (Paloma, Yasmine en Allegra) Mika is de middelste van de 5. In een interview zegt Mika dat zijn broer en zussen allemaal exotische namen hebben, bijvoorbeeld zijn zus Paloma (duif) en zijn broer Fortuné (geluk). 'Helaas' werd hij opgezadeld met de naam Mica wat hetzelfde als plastic tas in het Marokkaans betekent. ("curse of the middle child!")


I'll try to make a translation (it's already late, so I apologize for any errors):


Mika comes from a family of five. He has one brother (Fortuné) and three sisters (Paloma, Yasmine and Allegra). Mika is the middle child. In an interview Mika says that his brother and sisters all have exotic names, like Paloma (dove) and Fortuné (fortune). 'Unfortunately' he was saddled up with the name Mica, which means 'plastic bag' in Moroccan ('curse of the middle child!').



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