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Spirit Dublin 1 March

Cautionary Wife

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Hope I'm not repeating, but may be use to someone.


Here's a booking URL and phone for Dublin gig. (Doesn't appear to be a booking link on official site and gig not listed on myspace).


DUBLIN - Spirit




Thu 01/03/07


Online: http://www.ticketmaster.ie

By phone 0818 719 300




Internet Onsale Info

Onsale to General Public:

Fri 22/12/06, 11:45


Also news item today on MCD site.




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Oh yeah, is anyone else going to be there? I'd love to meet up and have a drink... or not. ;)


Yea I'll be going! I bought two tickets but don't know who I'm going with yet lol! I'm sure someone will wanna go when the UK goes MIKA crazy in a few weeks lol! :) But yea we should def meet up or whatever? PM me or something! :)


John :)

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My goodness, I've just managed to get myself a ticket, woah.

I guess I'll be seeing some of you there then:shocked:


Yeah! :punk:


Just checked, the gig is still not sold out... so everyone, come to Dublin and have a good time. It's very well worth it (We know about Mika, but Dublin is a lot of fun too!)

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Someone on the Scissors board has spares for this ...anyone need ?


oh i would love to!! however cant spare the cash - going over to dublin on the 27th tho... how close?! gah. ah well haha. i will be livin over there from april so next time he tours, dublin all the way :D

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Looking forward to Dublin, bit worried last week that I might not be able to go, but I'm okay now, I chose to pick my ticket up from the venue, so not worried about when it comes, 'cause it's already there.:thumb_yello:

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