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Hey all you great Mika fans! It feels great to be here. You can call me Lost, I'm from the US and I first heard about Mika at the ew.com blog. A user said he would be the next big thing, and I agree! :biggrin2: I also have an obsession with using smilies, yes I know that can get annoying :wink2:


Well that's basically all I can think of saying, so rock on Mika! :punk:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Trust me, you are not the only one with an obbsession with smilies.


If we get many more on here we may :blowup:


For gods sake don't click the "more" link under the smilies when posting ;) lol


Welcome to the site, lots of fans here and more joining every hour :) Looking forward to your ramblings!



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