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Nice to be in the gang! , Im a 34 year old lad from Sunny Sunderland in England , I found out about Mika through the Queen fanclub , Brian May was saying how fantastic he was and now Im here ! , musically I like Queen , Green Day , Killers , Bon Jovi . in fact all good music , pretty much blown away by Mika though , heading to newcastle in feb to see him



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Hello, Freddie...


Welcome on MFC..:woot_jump:


You will have a great time over here, I'm sure..:thumb_yello:


And if you have time one day, please come over for a welcome cocktail in the bar...:naughty:


See you around..:biggrin2:


but be careful, huh?? Once you start posting here, you will never get out of here anymore...:shocked:

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Ohh just badly moderated , arguing , spam , grotty .... I was a low poster on there :blink:

There are some very 'outspoken' guys over there, that's true, and they seem to dominate the whole site (QOL). :cool: One of them keeps slagging off Mika, even though he was like 3rd to post on the Mika thread and proud to announce last year how Mika added him to his Myspace ages before... So he obviously liked Mika first and then changed his mind...:cool:

Some people can get so frustrated when they think that Mika is on some kind of mission to distroy Freddie's legend or try to replace him...

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