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Hey Y'All!


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Hey all Mika fans out there... I'm Gary all the way from Malaysia! I first heard of Mika when BBC unveiled the Sound of 2007. Being curious, I found out about his music and was addicted ever since. My favourite tracks so far from the album are Billy Brown and Grace Kelly. I reckon Life In A Cartoon Motion is going to be the best pop album there is in 2007. Hope to see more great things from him. Can't wait for the release of the album so that I can get hold of it!

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wow malaysia!


hello and welcome! i too am waiting in anticipation for the release of the album! i cant blooming wait! i shall be one of the first people queueing up to buy it!


have heard literally most of the songs on the album and they are ALL fantastic!!!


mika is going to take the world by storm!


speak to you soon


love steph x x

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