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Mika: Interview with Hunk du Jour

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12 January 2007





MIKA takes a few minutes to answer our Random Hunk Questions, and we wax poetic about the huge success he'll be in the USA.


MIKA (pronounced "MEE-ka") was recently voted #1 in the BBC News site's Sound of 2007 poll, and is quickly looking like a force to reckoned with in 2007. His debut album, Life in a Cartoon Motion, hits the states on March 27th.


He lept into internet popularity when his MySpace page generated 250,000 plays for his fantastic first single, Grace Kelly in less than four months. As of today Grace Kelly has been played 343,000 times. [ Ed: The track is also becoming a big hit at our house. ]

It just so happens that the stars aligned and we were able to get in touch with MIKA for a brief interview, where we were able to ask our Random Hunk Questions! He graciously played along with some fantastic responses.


You seem to be a fan of the Proclaimers, so if you really did walk 5000 miles where would you want your journey to end?

In a warm fully occupied bed.


It appears that you have literally been all over the globe - where have you not been that you are looking forward to visit?

South America, Mayan ruins Mexico City really seems like a head f**k in the best possible way, I'm keen to get to see it myself.


Do you have any plans to tour the states? (And screw Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco... What could we do to get you to Seattle!?)

Not very much as that's one of the places I really want to visit.


You can have a dinner date and see a movie with any of the following. Who would you pick as your date? Madonna, Cher, Liza, Barbara or Paul Rubens.

I heard Barbara is very scary, Madonna far to savvy and I would be to busy extracting music biz info to actually enjoy my souffle. It would be Liza because I really want to take her home give her lots of water, healthy attention and keep her away from her scary mutant looking ex husband. [ Ed: You'd be doing a public service! ]


Is MIKA really your name? Does MIKA mean anything?

It's actually my real name. All of my siblings have exotic names, my sister Paloma (a dove) my brother Fortuna for which means lucky in French for example. I got saddled with a name that means plastic bag in Morocco, curse of the middle child!


We personally hate cheesy duets, but if you were ever going to do one who would you want to "do it" with?

Dolly Parton, not in a Kenny Rogers [way] - more in a White Stripes / Jack White fashion.


For more information on MIKA, you can also visit his website. He has one song currently available on itunes "Love Today" and you can listen to an interview podcast to hear his sexy voice!


From: Hunk Du Jour



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