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Hallo all


Joining a new bulletin board is always a bit daunting as its rather like being a latecomer at a party when you know no one there!


I'm Andy, I'm twenty-cough-cough-mumble-mumble and have only heard of Mika since november probably. a mate who i only chat to on MSN sent me a few songs and admittedly i wasn't all that bothered to begin with but I think i'm most definitly hooked. I'm humming Grace Kelly and love today often without realising! I even dreamt I rather coyly went for coffee with him! I'm sure this behaviour is more typical of a teenage girl, and not at all healthy!!!


I'm usually a keen bulletin board poster on Rufus Wainwright's offcial site so I feel somewhat guily as if I'm an adulterer or something!!!


Anyway- lets hope the relationship I have with Mika's music is as joyful as Rufus's and I'm sure it will be.


Looking fwd. to Feb. 5th like a mad person!




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Hey Andy, great to have you aboard :) No need to feel daunted, we're a lovely bunch here, you're most welcome :biggrin2:


yeah i'm getting that! Its a very easy to use, colourful board and I can find what i want and need so far- quite simply and although this will be something like my 6th post from what I've seen everone is v helpful and lovely! aw. :wub2:

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