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2007 - Mika @ HMV Oxford Street London


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was in there today and asked if it was wristband only.


"I don't think Mika is doing a signing here"

*picks up phone*

"Is Mika doing a signing here?"

*phones someone else*

"Ok he is. Don't think its wrisbands though. He's not big enough"



WTF? He's number one!


But yeah. Looks like it's just turn up!

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I called HMV this morning (Saturday) and I was informed it is not a wristband event, you just turn up. Probably best to get there early though, to avoid disappointment.

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I've just come home from HMV :( Mika was only on for around 20 minutes and there wasn't time for any signings at all. He only played 3 tracks! I guess it's because tonight is also the T Mobile Street Gig.


After queueing at the side of HMV since 4:15pm (around 10th in the queue)the security guards came and told us we could go inside...when we were let in there were already 20 - 30 people at the front of the stage :( HMV were so disorganised! I asked 3 different people in store and each one had a different answer!


I overheard someone say that they had to cancel signings because there were no wristbands, therefore no idea who was there first etc. I even tried to run out to the side entrance of HMV where his van was waiting.. but I was too late.. he was already in the van and they sped off!!


It was still great to hear and see him though (even though I always seem to get stuck behind people taller than me) and I managed to get some photos and a clip of My Interpretation (but many with the tops of peoples heads and other cameras and phones.


I am so grateful that I was at the Culture Show shoot :wub2: , it was so much more intimate (and I got a photo with MIKA that I will treasure forever!) and am kicking myself for not getting down to FOPP last week when I could have. Waaa.. next mission... try to get tickets for KOKO or Brighton. I did meet some nice Secret Society people though :)


Mika did say that he would be back for signings another time though.. so fingers crossed it will be a better organised event!! :bleh:


I still love you MIKA!!! Now its time to stick the CD in and see what else is on it :)

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What a disappointing day...

I arrived at HMV at 3.30 I bought the album in the store to make sure i can have it signed after Mika's performance! £10.99 is the price of the album :shocked: kinda expensive for a first album but I bought it... then i waited 2h30 for Mika, I totally agree that HMV didn't well organised the event I was at the second row though... then at 5.55 PM they put on the screen behind the stage : "unfortunetly no signing today" :thumbdown::furious: And of course I had just opened the album so I was sure of not getting a refund of it because I am sure I could have found it less than £10.99...

then Mika came on stage around 6.10 and left at 6.20 :shocked: I AM SORRY ??!! 3 songs ??!! 10 minutes, that must be a joke... well no! the reason : sorry i have to go, I have the T-mobile concert tonight!

AH OK SURE SORRY FOR COMING TO THE LAUNCHING OF THE ALBUM... I mean we (at HMV) were people who actually bought the album and were here for the only purpose of having fun & enjoying the performance (I of course did) but we were told that there would be a signing session so we bought the album at that price then we have no more than 10 min of performance, I know it's free but people have been waiting for hours for it! But apparently the Tmobile concert was more important to his staff... where there will be lots of VIP people or only people who by chance have TMobile as network... Sorry I have Virgin so didn't get the chance to have a ticket for tonight...

I left HMV angry even though Mika was fine but helloooo 3 songs... If they were on time we could have had 10 min more of performance...

I am very disapointed I've been looking for this day for ages now and it just got ruined by a lack of organization (not from HMV but Mika's Management)...

The saddest thing is that at the end of the day, I don't even want to listen to the album that is in my bag because I feel completly robbed! That's a real lack of respect for me.. and I do blame his management for that... but do they care... they got what they wanted, my money... pfff

Moreover, I found the CD cheaper at Tesco (£8.87)

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Just re-interating what's been said before - a huge dissapointment, especially after the Fopp signing.


Arrived just after 3pm, was told to go queue outside round the corner. 90mins later was told we could queue inside with the other people. Managed to end up 2nd row though so it wasn't too bad - still incredibly frustrating to have waited so long for nothing really.


Just before the signing was due to start, the "no signing" message flashed up - not impressed. I was always going to buy the album, but would have got it from CDwow as I had vouchers rather than HMV. Then Mika arrived and did:


Love Today

My Interpretation

Grace Kelly


Very short and quick. He did promise to do another signing to make up for it. I wish they'd just cancelled the signing outwright though - the t-mobile gig had been planned for weeks and they must have known there'd be timing conflicts. I spent 3 hours waiting for 3 songs and no signing.


To add the cherry on top, some security guard shouted at us for taking photos with a Mika poster they had in the window. Got very abusive and called my friend a twat - I'm going to write a letter of complaint tomorrow.


Mika was amazing, but the whole experience left a bitter taste.


Here's some photos:








I've got some footage of Grace Kelly as well which I'll upload to youtube.

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I have to agree with the other unhappy people on here, although I didn't get there myself until just before 6pm, as I had a LOT of trouble finding parking that didn't require me remorgaging my house (eventually found a spot by the other HMV shop ten mins down the road). Luckily my best friend bought me a HMV card for christmas so I only had to add 95p to it, so I walked around to see where a shorty like myself could stand without needing a box, and found a spot over by the Dvd's on the left hand side. I had to jig about a little to get a reasonable view but I have had worse. I was really looking forward to the signing, as I got cold feet at the Culture Show shoot, and I had my questions ready to ask, then I saw the screen saying no signings today (gutted). So I thought okay maybe he'll be on for about 5 or 6 songs, after song 3 Grace Kelly, he apologised telling us he had to go to the T-Mobile gig straight away (gutted again, as I'm on T-Mobile and registered for tickets, but heard nothing, as with the News of the World yesterday and Mikasounds too).

I agree with the others, that it's obviously not Mika's fault, he was brilliant tonight (thought he sounded a little croaky when he first spoke, so kind of worried that his voice might give out) and he did admit that he found the breathing a bit hard when singing (I think that was because of the song structure, I think he has the lungs of a whale). Whoever is organisng these promotions needs to ease up on him a little, otherwise he could burn out. I know that the promotions need to be done, but he is only human. I know most all acts have to do this, but seeing this first hand, it makes me see how hard this business can be and maybe the record companies should step back and start slowing down a bit on all of them, they'll still get their money, but keeping their acts fresh will give them more shelf life, and keep us, the fans happy.

All I have to add is I'm looking forward to going to Dublin shortly, and hope he is not too exhausted, because the radio stations are already talking about the next single, so more promotion...

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When I went to Sugababes at HMV Oxford. They did give out wristbands. There was a sign that said "This is a wristband only event". So I went to HMV at 9AM on the day of the gig and got 2. Was back at 5PM, got their latest cd and went downstairs. Everyone was taking pictures. And Sugababes hung around to sign the last fan's cd.


The way this is going, with gigs getting moved to other venues and dissappointing fans, I'm starting to think he will be a one cd wonder. He is very talented, but, again, whoever is doing his bookings needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


And he just sang 3 songs? What a slap on the face to the fans that showed up.


And don't believe the I will be back to do a signing comment he made. He will, but when his next cd comes out.


:thumbdown: :thumbdown:



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I really do feel for all you dissapointed folks. But don't forget, Mika isn't really his own man entirely, his movements and appearances are controlled in essence by his management. I'm sure, if he'd been allowed to do the signings and stay longer, he would have. Mika does care about his fans (as we've seen from myspace replies etc) but his management care about money and 'pimping' out their new star as much as possible!

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Great Pictures Michael! :thumb_yello: Thanks... I got the tops of peoples heads and other cameras in my shots.. cos I'm so little! I waited so long.. my feet where getting cramp!


Looks like the rollercoaster ride of fame has truely kicked off for our Mika...lets hope he doesn't burn himself out!


Did anyone go to the T Mobile Street Gig? I'd love to hear how that went :wink2:

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I really do feel for all you dissapointed folks. But don't forget, Mika isn't really his own man entirely, his movements and appearances are controlled in essence by his management. I'm sure, if he'd been allowed to do the signings and stay longer, he would have. Mika does care about his fans (as we've seen from myspace replies etc) but his management care about money and 'pimping' out their new star as much as possible!



We know that, we don't blame him! But still... at the end of the day, people are dissapointing and Mika could suffer from this...

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I was there yesterday... loved watching him perform... I got to the HMV store at 10am to find out what was going on... however the security guard seemed unsure.. poster said 6pm... oh well shopping, lunch with a friend and cinema until 5.30.


Three songs and no signings... no signings was a disappointment but I'm sure if he had time and it had been better organised he would of stayed. Saying that I don't think him signing 400 albums would be good before a concert anyway. RSI anyone?

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I think everyone appreciated that it wasn't Mika's fault personally but very poor time mismanagement on behalf of his team and HMV as well. They should have just done the signing on another day or not at all, would have saved a lot of aggrovation.


At least we got 3 songs though.

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Surely they're only moving the concerts as he's so popular and more people want tickets Yummyme :confused:


As people have said, I'm sure he'd have done the signing etc if it's been up to him.


Need to sort the management out.

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I can't really add anything to what has already been said.


Mika performed very well, I really enjoyed the songs he played. The cancellation of the signing was disappointing though, as was the fact that there were only three songs.


Funnily enough, before I left, I was wondering how he was going to manage the signing and the performance later on that night. Especially as I'd just phoned up HMV, and they told me they were expecting it to be very busy. So I was half expecting them to only allow him to sign copies of the album up until a certain time; but they cancelled it instead.

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