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Exclusive FREE Mika gig. Not a competition!

Sunny Monkey

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Just been contacted by Clare Tavernor from The Culture Show, a magazine review program on BBC2. She has given me the opportunity to offer all you Mika fans a fantastic chance to see Mika, for free, with lunch and refreshments too! ;)


Clare said "On January 30th Mika will be performing a track at our links shoot which is in Central London. I am looking for enthusiastic fans who would like to come along to the shoot and appear in the audience. We film between 9.30am and 3.30pm, lunch and refreshments will be provided."


If you fancy getting along to this gig contact Claire via her email address clare.tavernor@bbc.co.uk. PLEASE NOTE: Due to filming taking place in a bar she can only accept applications from people aged 18 or over!

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