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Free Central London Mika TV Gig

Sunny Monkey

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Oh My God this was soooo good! Well Mika was the rest was a bit boring to be honest:blush-anim-cl:

We were sitting right at the front when Mika was playing Grace Kelly and even though it was quite early he sounded really good! He was also very friendly and interacted with everyone, even when we were taking photo's of him having his make-up done! :blush-anim-cl:

I will try to get photo's up tomorrow so you guy's can see, but i know that carrinevie has a lovely angelic picture!

I must also say how nice it was to see other members of the fan club there and to put faces to names too!

I am not very good at describing stuff so I will leave that to the others to tell you their stories!

But a good day was had by all even though we drank far too much apple juice for daily consumption, I will look forward to seeing this on telly and trying to spot us!

love Jemmalee x

PS Guinchogirl has a staring role!:thumb_yello:

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