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Mika Indie Back Catalogue Perplexes Me, did he do these?


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Hello Board,


My "inquiring mind" was wondering about Mika's back catalogue of music, "pre-universal", so I did a little digging. I looked around Yahoo Launch (:wink2: Shameless Plug: Check out my Launch Radio Station here --> http://music.yahoo.com/launchcast/station.asp?u=1215554268 ) , I found what looked like 2 earlier indie label Mika albums. Here are the info about them:


2004 - Mika - Right Place, Right Time

1. My Opinion Never Sleeps

2. Trampolin

3. Interesting Times

4. From Now On Baby

5. Now I Know How Morriss...

6. IntegerStringFloat

7. Enthusiastic Part 2

8. I'm Looking Through You

9. Masquerade

10. Gratitude

11. Travelling Not Hunting

12. Suga

13. Right Place, Right Time


Mika - Self-Titled - 2000

1. Kroetensee

2. My 3.35

3. Jamie

4. Vamos

5. Tomorrow

6. Enthusiastic

7. Target

8. Jet

9. Yacht

10. Atlas


* Mika album listings on Yahoo LAUNCH Link: * http://music.yahoo.com/ar-22416281-discography--MIKA


The albums were released on the Klein Records indie label, and I was unable to listen to the 30 second audio samples on each album listing due to my internet browser limitations. So I put this important question out there, are these Mika indie releases before his big label record contract OR just another artist with the "Mika" moniker?!? Any info is much appreciated and thank you for for all the help you can pass on! Cheers!





P.S. :thumb_yello: In a additional note, if you have a Launchcast Radio station, you can NOW add "Grace Kelly" by Mika to it on it! :thumb_yello:

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Hello again,


:roftl: Hehe, you are right, I finally sussed out my Firefox browser and listened to the beforementioned samples, some crazy techno :roftl: . :wink2: At least I was confused and entertained at the same time, thanks for the clarification Sunny, happy skull bashing on your "Gears Of War" :wink2: ! Cheers!




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