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hellos from chi*town!!


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Hello! My name is kara, and I've only begun to be amazed at the awesomeness that is mika! I'm originally from denver, and on the road trip coming back with my girlfriend, we heard grace Kelly on a radio station passing through Nebraska or Iowa (it was such a late drive I'm not sure which it was) and we were both thinking, ive never heard this queen song before, but then the DJ said mika grace Kelly, and I couldn't distinguish between the song title or the artist, but I knew I would at least be able to remember grace kelly for when I got home to look it up online...


Now I thought this was some local underground artist, and would find the song on a website and it would be over, but when I researched as many combos of Michael and grace Kelly, and found out mika was top shelf out in the UK I was so excited!!


The website is awesome, the myspace page kicks butt and the only thing I'm crushed about is not being able to get the album out here in the US! Even in this digital age, I can't find one site that sells the album online!! I tried amazon, and I bought a CD from another artist named mika cause I thought it might have been an earlier album...haha! But I'm excited to see what comes out in the future and if love to get to know the people here, cause if you're rockin out to mika, you have to be pretty cool!

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