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Hello to all Mika fans, here's another new fan!

Hellcat 64

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Hello every one, I would like to introduce myself as a Mika fan. I live in Sheffield, UK and I am a single mother of two beautiful daughters who also love Mika!

I first heard about him on the Friday Night Project, Fri 19th of Jan with guest host James Nesbitt. Wow! Mika just stole the show! I couldn't help to think that he reminded me of Freddie Mercury, as I love Queen very much, I felt he could be an reincarnation of him! Great musical talent and showmanship!


I have learned that Mika was born in Beirut, Lebanon and found it a bit unusual and funny in a way. The reason is that I am a huge Human League fan and became fan of them when they released a single called The Lebanon in 1984, which was most likely written in 1983, the year that Mika was born!

I am not making this up, I couldn't if I wanted to. it just seems like things are meant to be that way.

But anyway, I am glad I have listened to most of Mika's new debut album and I am impressed! I love all of his stuff, keep it up Mika!

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