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Downloading ringtone from MikaSounds?


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So, yesterday I tried to download the grace kelly ringtone they have for sale in the US section of mikasounds, so I texted the name of the ringtone to the keyword they gave, and a message came back saying they couldn't read the command.


anybody else have this problem or know if i'm doing anything wrong?

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Starting to show how technically un-minded (Yeah so what if I just invented a word use) they are being with promotions. Ringtones that don't work, not enough instructions, and from the sound of things they have not even put the 'lock' flag on to stop people bluetoothing them around etc. Tut tut tut


Couple this with the often not working secret society and chunky flash site and it's not going so well. No wonder we have 3 times the users of mikasounds forums etc lol ;)


All joking aside, I was hoping to guide them on these things and help them fix it all up into a smooth opteration that they could even take to their other artists, alas, they don't want me now lol :)


Good luck with the ring tone though :)



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I tried too, got through to the Island records website, from the link I was given but that was as far as I could get, I put it down to me having an MDA phone, can't seem to get any tru tones on it, I too have to rely on Bluetooth and willing relatives to get tones I want.

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haha...thanks for the replies everyone! now that i know that everyone is having problems, and its not just me being stupid i feel better..lol


anyway hopefully they'll get their act together soon, cause i reallyyyy want a mika ringtone! although i might not want to answer my phone if its playing...hahah :)

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