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Mika's Song Wins Royal Seal Of Approval

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FLAMBOYANT new pop act Mika - whose debut single Grace Kelly tops the charts - has won the approval of the Princes of Monaco's youngest daughter Princess Staphanie. Not only that but Stephanie feels her mother - who gave up an Oscar-winning Hollywood career aged 26 to marry Prince Rainer in 1956 - would have enjoyed the track named after her.


The princess, 41, says she has watched Mika perform his song via download and admits she's a fan. "He is very talented and handsome and I'm sure my mother would have liked the song very much," she gushes.


Beirut-born Mika chose the Hollywood icon, who died in 1981 before he was born, as his muse because, he says, "The song is all about identity and what people expect of me and how I'm perceived. I think Grace Kelly was a rebel and I liked that about her, rather than the actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren.


Maybe Stephanie will be summoning him to Monaco for a private performance of the ditty some time soon?



1 February 2007



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