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Another new 'un!


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Hey Everyone, hows things?


I've got say what a fantastic forum this is. It's been a while since i've been on such a populated forum and with soo many people on line at once, it's fantastic! :thumb_yello: I love the forum colours and layout it's great! Great work! :wink2:


Well a bit about me i'm Laura, 18 and i'm a student nurse. I'm in my first year at Worcester uni and lovin' it! I absolutly love my music. I'm very much a Rock n Indie sorta girl. But i'm always being pleasently surprised by new stuff. I love too many bands to mention but Bon Jovi are up there at the top! :wub2:


I'm happiest when i'm at a gig. It's the best thing ever. Been to tons of gigs, again far too many to mention. But without a doubt Bon was the best one i've ever been too. My first 'big' stadium gig. The first of many I hope!


I absolutly love musicals both at my local theatres and also in London for a treat! I've seen loads but faves have got to be Phantom, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar and Dirty Dancing.


I love 'Talent Spotting' but that doesn't mean upcoming bands and artists although it doesn't rule them out! :roftl:


Right and getting to the point Mika! :mfr_omg: He's so infectous. It's marvalous!


It was a few weeks back i remember my mom saying that there was a new fella on the scene who sounded quite good. I think she saw him mentioned on GMTV or something. So I got on the old myspace and checked him out. The rest as they say is history!


We've been glued to 'Grace Kelly' on the tele, the radio you name it ever since. I love it. It's so addictive.


It was an instant awe when I heard the song, and it gets better everytime!


When I first heard 'Grace Kelly' it reminded me of Scissor Sisters. I've read several times that he's being compared to them so it's nice to know it's not just me having a 'moment'.


I can't believe how quickly he's taken off. I saw the gig dates but they were all sold out, but it's little wonder thats the case. I was all for catching the brum gig.


But fingers crossed me and mom will be doing our first festival this year. So were hoping to catch Mika at Glastonbury this year! :wub2: I shall keep you all informed.


Well i'd better leave it hear. Looking forward to catching up with you all soon!


Laura xxXxx

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