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Dodgy Holiday...GONE!


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I just went to the UK iTunes store tonight...clicked on Dodgy Holiday - EP, and got this message: "The item you requested is not currently available in the UK Store." Strange! I wonder what happened. As far as I know, this is the only recording of Mika using Freddie's grand piano.


I found an interesting article on Mika using Freddie's piano here:



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Mayvbe this is a really weird question but what is Dodgy Holiday? I thought it was something Billy Brown went on to Mexico.


Indeed it was, and that's the feature track in the EP. It's the produced version of Billy Brown :)

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Yup she was .. we always had rumours of how that original crowd of people were .. they all went off the map .. shame .. lets hope they come back:thumb_yello:


they just disappeared like that, even the mods:blink:

what kind of rumours did you have about them?

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