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Hey guys!


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Heyyyyyy everyone! :punk:


I'm Adam, and as of yesterday, I've been a big MIKA fan, just because of "Grace Kelly".


I don't actually know that much about him :shocked: but I run a Forum, and everyone was talking about him in the music section - about the song Grace Kelly - so I just had to hear it.


I LOVE IT!:mf_lustslow:


I hear he auditioned for The X Factor though? I'm a big fan of reality shows like that, especially that actually cos I'd love a record deal from Simon :thumb_yello: and I don't actually remember MIKA auditioning... ?

When I hear his name, I think of that crazy man, Onkar haha!

Don't take offence though :wink2: lol!


So yeah, abit of a welcome story there - and I hope to make some friends! :sneaky2:

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Hello, welcome, Adam. I vaguely remember an article where he said his music wouldn't be appropriate for X-Factor, because his whole record is an event or something like that and can't be replicated. So even if he didn't audition, maybe that's where your impression came from?


Still I can't find that article, so I might have imagined it!

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