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Beautiful appearance!


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I totally forgot that Mika speaks French!..so awesome!...I love his drummer girl, too! :original:


as for what they're talking about....lets see....from the knowledge of French I have, in the second part, they're talking about Mika, where he's from, his age, etc, then the host dude starts talking about Queen and Freddie Mercury and (I think) how Mika's been compared to them...after the snippet of Killer Queen, they start talking about some of the other stuff from the album and where Mika came up with his ideas for stuff like Big Girl and Grace Kelly (I think) :original:

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Wow! That's amazing. Some interesting things came out in the interview, that I hadn't heard before, eg the fact that Grace Kelly is based on one of the most famous themes from Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro"! I don't know how I didn't spot this before, but Mika demonstrates the comparison.


Having said elsewhere on this site that I should really be spending less time here, I might attempt a rough translation because it's worth hearing...

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I could understand some of the stuff that they said. Thanks to 7 years of French lessons in school. We seemed to go over the same suff for the first year of going to a new school (three teir system) because the teachers didn't seem to know what the other schools had taught and what they hadn't. Most useful years were the last two years where I was working towards an exam. Must learn more. Spent a while in middle school learning about the words for different flavours of icecream that was a bit random

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Nagui : In Taratata, there are some moments like this when before they arrive, whe think "something is gonna happen...". I guarantee the kind of smash you can get when you listen to an album : he's a pure genius, a pure talent : songwriter, singer, producer, he's just 22-23 years old, you will definitly love him as much as we loved him, we are totally crazy about this guy, welcome Mika on Taratata stage : Mika singing Grace Kelly !



Mika sings Grace Kelly... I think I don't have to translate this :wink2:



His name is Mika ! And you will never forget him ! Mika in Taratata !

Welcome ! So... (people applauding) Yeah you're right ! Some more !!

So Mika... Let me introduce you the album : I guarantee you, I listened to it, I really got smashed listening to it. If you like Freddie Mercury, Queen, Elton John, yeah ? That's it, it's for you. And if you liked this song, Mika, the album is a bomb, there is no song weaker than another one, only hits... With an absolutly incredible route : Mika, let's talk in French...



Mika : Yes, I'm scared now !



No no ! Everything is gonna be alright, Mika ! You were born in Beirut ?



I was born in Beirut, in 1983



From parents half-lebanese, half-american ?



Yeah, my father's american and my mother is lebanese...



During the war in Lebanon, unfortunately, you're just 1 year old, all the family come and settle in Paris, it's true, happily, relations between Lebanon and France are really good, and at the age of 8, things get worse, your dad is held as hostage ?



Yeah, in Kuweit, during the war... "Gulf War" ?



Yeah, Gulf War (in French). And then you moved to London, waiting for things getting better ?



And we stayed there for 16 years



And at 11, because it was your way to live with this loneliness, this being uprooted, you play a lot, you make music, especially with this russian music teacher, very strict, who makes you make your first appearance at the opera ?



At the opera, yes, it was in a STRAUSS opera "???????" (i don't speak german, and i don't get the name of the opera), and in was at London Royal Opera



11, at the opera... With this route, we understand that when you fisrt heard music, if my counting is good, you were between 1 and 8, roughly at this time, so you were in France ?



Yes, it was here, in Paris



And what was the first song you learned at the piano ?



Aaaaah, he he, i'm a little bit ashamed, but...



Yes, if it was French i understand, but what was it ? There are some good stuffs in French...



You want to hear it ?



Yeah, let's try !



Ok, i hope i remember but...



We're all friends...



Don't laugh, please !! It's not fair !



Only friends here... I have his/her phone number... (I don't know who he's talking to and what about....)



He sings Champs-Elysées (won't translate that either...), pretty well though :wink2:



That's it, thank you ! It was hard...



Ok ! Done with that !


Mika giggles...

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