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Was Mika at Brits after party?


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Just read this evenings copy of London Lite and they seem to think that Mika was at the Cuckoo Club last night partying?


But we all know that he was in Atlanta right??! and due in NYC tomorrow? Maybe the journalists need their eyes checking.. I have a contact at the Cuckoo Club.. so I might double check tomorrow


I can't find the snippet online so here it is


London Lite 15th February


At least Mika's on song


New chart-topper Mika showed the Brits winners how to belt out a tune at an afterparty. The Grace Kelly singer, who has enjoyed a dramatic reach for fame, joined Noel Gallagher et al at The Cuckoo Club last night. Judging from our picture, left (which is clearly Jon Fratelli), he gave a damn good demo of why he is currently at No1. We reckon Noel and Liam might have a bout of green-eyed monster, probably because he can sing better then they can and he's nowhere near a hard.

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That youtube post is my video!!! I have another one on there that I kept private with the intention of figuring out how just you guys can see it! I just figured out the youtube stuff and haven't taken the time to learn how to post on here yet.

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