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a new album idea, you pick the songs!!!!


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i was just thinking.....


Robbie Williams cracked (No Reference To The Latest News Of Him) most of the english speaking parts of the world, and emi break the bank to land him (80 million), i also wonder if universal (Mika's Record Label), have thought 'Sh!t Robbie Williams, in different languages, he sounds like him (Ring Ring Bonus Track On Album), and he also has the vocal range of freddie mercury...... we're on to a winner lads!!'


i mean if mika was to release a classical album, or a swing album like robbie did (swing when you're winning = 2.21 million copies) i bet with all the countries he is capable of conquering, he would help smash all the records set to date.


so my question to you:

if mika was to release such an album down the line what songs would you like to see on it, and the task you have is not merely to think about your favourite songs, but to think about marketability and his voice, i have a couple of songs off the top of my head i would love to hear him do, ave maria, or a queen song called you take my breath away.

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