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The sisters


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I was flipping through the Mika album sleeve and I think I found that his sister's sing the backing vocals on some songs. I think they're called:

Fortune Penniman

Zuleika Penniman

Paloma Penniman

On Any other world, Big Girl, Lollipop,


Fortune Penniman is his brother.....and his sisters are Paloma, Allegra and one is more, but I can't remeber her name:bleh:

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I'm also desperately looikng for a picture of Fortune ... Help?


as stated in our guidelines, we do not allow posting of Fortune's pictures, as he is not a public figure and we respect his privacy.


please read forum guidelines, section 4


4. Since Mika's family are not public figures, posting photographs of them

that are not officially taken at publicity events, or soliciting personal

information about them, is not permitted. Keep in mind that Mika, his band

and management, and his family and friends read these boards at times.



thank you! :thumb_yello:

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I don't think that you will find one on here, Rain.


Unless photos are posted by Team Mika, it's really an invasion of privacy.

In the past, I have personally been asked by Yasmine not to publicly post any pictures of the family other than Mika and other people have been asked the same thing, so as a fan club we respect this request.


At SW Fortune spent nearly the whole gig crouched down between me and Christine, taking photos of Mika. I think he maybe thought we didn't know who he was, but he's actually around Mika quite a lot, if you go to gigs, you will probably spot him. Don't take a pic though!

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Thank you! Curly hair as well?

It must be said that it is hard to be as gorgeous as Mika, even for his family:naughty:


Well put it this way, I don't think Fortune is as fond of the tongs as Mika. :teehee:


They're a very good looking family though aren't they?

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