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Hiya From Kuwait!


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Hey everyone! This is Sou, I'm an Egyptian gal in my early twenties living in Kuwait and I'm totally obsessed with Mika right now! Seriously, I can't stop listening to 'Life in Cartoon Motion' and frankly, I refuse to listen to anything else! hahaha


I first heard 'Grace Kelly' in January and I've been hooked since, I got the album last week and like I mentioned, it's the only thing I listen to! On campus, at home in the car and even in class - I totally need it in class, there's nothing more boring than listening to my professor drone on about Kuwait History :P lol


Anyways, just thought I'd introduce myself and I hope everyone can accept me as a new friend and a fellow Mika addict! hehe :)



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Thanks so much for the replies everyone!! :)


FREDDIESDOUBLE, things over here are as boring as ever. The weather was nice though, so I guess that's the only thing worth mentioning! haha :)

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