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MIKA NEEDS YOU! (Mikamyspace Blog)

Cautionary Wife

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16 Feb 2007


Hello mikamyspacers, well, mikamyspacers in the US! (sorry UK'ers!) MIKA is up against Corbin Bleu and Young Love in AOL's 'BREAKERS'

You can go and vote for MIKA by clicking HERE




The artist with the most votes will be announced on March 30th and will get their own dedicated spotlight on AOL Music!!


Let's make sure MIKA WINS!




mikamyspace xxxx



The above is a new blog entry on http://www.myspace.com/mikamyspace. This relates to opportunity to vote on AOL BREAKERS between three artists, Mika, Corbin Bleu and Young Love. I am in UK and it appeared to accept my vote.


Current result:

48% Mika

45% Corbin Bleu

8% Young Love




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