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Hello from France!!


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Hey everyone, I'm Sonia, I'm French, and I heard about Mika two days ago, when I saw 'Grace Kelly' and 'Relax' were in the iTunes top 10, so I thought I might check him out....I was actually really surprised and pleased with what I heard!!! His voice is really amazing, and I'm a fan of Queen, and I clearly see similarities w/ Freddie and everything... Also checked him out live on youtube, he's amazing!!! I saw he performed a few days ago on the French show 'Taratata', and i absolutely loved it. Btw, I just checked out their website and they just added the bonus video for that show (http://www.taratata.net under 'Emission du 09/02/07' click 'Voir les bonus'), there are some bits of Mika here and there throughout the vid, rehearsing (apparently he was supposed to perform a cover of 'Everywhere' but it ended up being some songs about his influences) and if you go to the gallery there are also some pics. Check it out quickly, they might take it off the website soon!

Well, that's all for now, hope you guys liked it!



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