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a few questions for ya....


i hear alot that did the singing for an orbit chewing gum ad..but anyone know where i can get a clip from? i would love to see it!


Mica Penniman.......incase you didnt now that was mika's name until he changed it...anyone know why he changed it?


and also mika merchandise...i have already asked and didnt get much response..anyone know if there are any uk websites selling mika merchandise?



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Re : the orbit ad.....the only one i can think of is pinging at my memory banks ....the words something like .." get into orbit ..orbit sugar free gum ...for the coolest taste a chewing ever had .." or summat ...it had a man singing it ....and it was from ages ago ....:blink: the thing I remember onc heard you had it in your head all day ....hmm sound familiar ....:roftl:

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you prob know but MIKA is short for Michael. Its also his daddys name. I did read that his middle name is Holbrook?. On the disc catalogs he calls himself Mika(8) not too sure what the 8 is for.

Is the British Airways jingle the one that a quartet of girls sing? think there is 4 of them and are called Angels/ Angelis or something the type that always come out at Christmas so Grannies will buy it!


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maybe MIKA is more record-seller than mica penniman... catchier... you remember 4 letters better than a whole name... To separate private life (real name) and business... speculations.


Just having four letters looks good on tickets I think.

Sometimes a name change can be a bit annoying. My family are supposed to have changed the family name from Chippendale to Chippindale and it seems to be different to every other family of Chippe/indales on the planet. It means that practically every one spells it wrong including some one I have known since I was about five

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