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I wonder how Mika feels about.....


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getting so many negative reviews from critics?

Personally it makes me angry that anyone can be so cruel and nasty to him.

I think they are all jealous of his talents and his good looks and everything that he is!

Those critics are a minority anyway, with Grace Kelly being at # 1 in the singles chart and LICM on top of the album chart, goes to prove he is just amazing and the neagtive critics are all a bunch of jealous idiots!!

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I agree, didnt he say he was like marmite, love me or hate me. From what i can gather he has had this all his life, but has still stayed true to himself, so he must be very headstrong and have alot of self respect, which I do so admire in a man :wub2: Better to be slated than ignored :thumb_yello:

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