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He's Done it Again


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Yeh Mika - No 1 in the single & album chart again.:roftl: :roftl: :roftl:

I can listen to Grace Kelly again & again & again.



Only 9 days to go til Manchester - wow!


And the Radio 2 interview was brill - Love the comment about his Mum & shame on those school kids for teasing him.

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I think it sounds better when you're driving because, you have the volume up, people can hear what you are listening to, and you can see a reaction to it, especially if you're like me, and are bouncing around the vehicle like a complete lunatic:roftl:

Oh and well done to Mika for keeping Amy Winehouse off the top of the album charts, proving you don't need a Brit award to get on top.:thumb_yello: I'm more impressed at him keeping The Kaiser Chiefs off the top of the singles charts, I thought they might (just for a second mind you) get in there this week (for me rather them than Akon). Don't get me wrong I hope Mika stays there in both charts for ever, but at some point he is going to want to bring out another single, and it could get tricky fighting with himself.:roftl:

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