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Hello Everyone!! =)))


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Hi, everybody!!!


This is actually the first fan club i have EVER joined! I just love Mika soooo much!


I actually have this silly ritual with a friend of mine where we go into the shower of our dorms and take a boom box so we can shower while singing at the top of our lungs, and she put "Grace Kelly" on the mixx...


I seriously stopped dead in my tracks and HAD to find out more about him. I am hooked on Mika and cannot WAIT until his album comes out in the US in March!!!:punk:


<3 Drea

p.s. Is everyone else as hooked on "Lollipop" as I am??? I seriously feel like a crackwhore and that song is my drug..

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It's the first fan club I've ever joined too, well atleast the first I've actually posted on. There have been times I've joined a fan club or message board and some of the people are just downright mean, but I signed up for this one and saw how nice everyone is so I decided to start posting. :blush-anim-cl:

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