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OK, so not a Mika thing, more of a technical thing.


Why can't I get the extra bits to play on the computer?


It brings up the album cover and I click the link. Then I get a message up from AOL saying something about it not being compatible or memory. Something like that anyway.


Next idea - take it to the neighbours. Bit further along, (he's not on AOL) this time I got a like a registration screen where I fill in my name, email, what tv I like etc, which I did.


Then I download Java JVM as instructed, and restarted the computer. Once it started back up, it said JVM was sucessfully installed.


Back the the beginning, load the CD, click the link and...nothing. Well a rectangle with a red cross in the top left corner.


Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I so want to see what I'm missing.






P.S. Very close to doing this. -> :throw:

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I had problems too, but as I havn't got a clue what you are supposed to do, I thought it was just me being thick:wink2:

I did sign up to something I think, but thats as far as it went, so I took my very precious cd out of the computer thingy so it didn't get 'hurt':blush-anim-cl:


tell me what I need to do please.


lv, andi xxx

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I have an Intel Mac OS X and it just keeps showing the same windows - Analyzing, then a web screen pops open and it gets stuck in a cycle.


No luck here! Maybe someone should contact Casablanca Records and tell them to get it together! :thumbdown:


Jeffery in San Francisco

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Hey, thanks for this you lot.


Like Andi, I thought it was just me a bit thick. Looks like it's not just us though.


Jeffrey, it is a bit lame. It's like being given a lollipop and not being allowed to suck it!


Hotdlp, let us know what you did. Thankyou. *sits patiently*

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I e-mailed a bloke at Push Entertainment and he is checking into problems with accessing the additional content from the CD.


"There is a bug in our system for your mac configuration. We will fix today and I’ll let you know when you can get in. Sorry about that. - Simon"


-Jeffery in San Francisco



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