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Hellogoodbye thinks MIKA is "awesome."


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also, check out..

Mika on itunes. he's only got a few singles up but they're just that good that it warrants recommending, oh get the video! its great. perezhilton.com praised mika as "over-the-top and fagulous". i didn't think it was gayish, but i get called mean names from passing cars when i ride my bike so what do i know. i asked my girlfriend when i read that "do you think hes gay?" and she was like "ohhhh yaaaaah for sure." and i was like "really? i just thought he was awesome.". he is awesome though.


so to recap:

- listen to flamboyant music.


xo forrest





hellogoodbye is one of my other favorite bands, other than MIKA of course, so i got really excited when i saw them post this on myspace.

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There has been a lot of speculation about MIKA and whether he is gay or straight. I don't really think it matters. If you like his look and you like his music, what difference does it make?


Maybe he's bisexual? Maybe he likes GIRLS and BOYS! That would keep everyone guessing...


He is very new to the music scene and he is young - there are many people in the world (especially in the dumbass US) who are homophobic and might think twice about listening to his music or buying his CD if he made his sexuality a big deal.


Like cute little George (T.R. Knight) on ABC's Grey's Anatomy said, "...I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."


MIKA may be gay, he may be straight or he may be bisexual, but by far the more interesting aspect is his voice, sexy good looks, gorgeous curly hair and all around amazing talent!


Jeffery in San Francisco


I :wub2: MIKA whatever his sexual orientation!

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