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Could i love Mika Music more?!? / Coachella festival...


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hehe hey everyone :)


just listening to the music.... love ALL songs on the CD! each song is better than the other! cant choose a fave but if i do maybe its lollipop ?!




ANYWAY! i live in israel and moving to LA soon.... and my brother bought a ticket to COACHELLA festival in cali....but just for one day and not the day that mika is on :( sniff sniff....

it sold out... i wish i could see him! its soooo close!!! 2 days after :( feels a bit crappy cause i know he will b so close and ill miss it :(


hmmmmm i so hope he will b in LA soon :( i want to see him live so much :punk:

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good luck everyone with seeing him to ;)


i thought to go threw london on the way to LA but if i do it will probably b at the end of march and i dont think he is there than.....



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