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Right place, Right time?


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Hey all!

I was in borders last night searching on the little computer things for Mika just out of curiosity to see what they had. An album title called "Right place right time" came up! Have you ever heard of this? Apparently it was released in '04 and is labelled under dance.


Am I just slow, being this is old news? Or am I the first to discover this?? :blink:


Inform me, Mika people!


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yeah i saw this too... i'm pretty sure it's another Mika though because it doesnt sound like him. i went searching for other mika albums cause my friend was like "life in cartoon motion is his 3rd album blah blah blah" and i'm like ummmmm no. so i found this and i'm like ew it's like techno electronic.

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I think this is a by a band from Europe.

Don't think it's our Mika.

I thought the same thing when googling Mika and this came up.


lv, adni xxx


I agree! I read somewhere (can't remember where) that they're a band from Eastern Europe.

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That Indian one was involved in some kind of scandal where he kissed a girl against her will :eek: Isn't it great how much we know about random Mikas, there's also a Danish guitarist called Mika Vandborg btw :doh:

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