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Best wishes from France


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Hello, all of you. I just found your website and I am very glad to join your community. My name is Mireille, I am a 39 year-old French woman and I discovered Mika about one month ago, in a program called "Le Grand Journal" on French fourth channel Canal Plus. This program used a part of "Relax, take it easy" as a jingle and I must admit I already loved the few notes I could hear. Then, they invited Mika and I discovered the kindest and cutest person I had ever happened to see in my little screen ! They let us hear a part of "Relax..." and "Grace Kelly". Then, it was over : I was trapped ! I am totally mad with Mika's voice and music, now ! I can hardly listen to anything else, for the moment ! Finding his album wasn't that easy because it is really well sold and anywhere I went, they told me they had just sold the last one !!!! Well, I finally found it and can't stop listening to it ! I have become a complete fan ! A Mika-addict ! I absolutely love every sinle song of this record but I must admit "Love Today" makes me feel happy as can be. And since I am not the thinnest girl in the world (not the biggest either, anyway !) the song "Big girl, you are beautiful" became my hymn and totally erased my complexes and inhibitions ! If someone ever happens to criticize my look again, I will know what to answer, now ! If the cutest and most talented man in the world says big girls are beautiful, who will dare to say the contrary ? I'm joking, of course !

Well, more seriously, I also love the last untitled song of the album. What a vocal challenge ! My heart goes beating like a drum everytime I hear it !

Recently, I have been spending my time on my computer searching anything, any site, any blog about Mika and that is how I found you. I have one blog, too (http://www.mimizblog@blogspot.com) which is written in French bur I hardly dare to write anything on it, for the moment, since I am only able to write about Mika, Mika, Mika, Mika... My readers are going to become mad ! So will my neighbours !

I'm so sorry he should be sick, right now. I do hope he will get better soon. I long to see him on a French scene someday.



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