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Hello from China =)


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Hey all!

I'm a Chinese student. I first saw an introduction on MIKA and his album from a forum. I was attracted immediately by the album's lovely cover and then MIKA's songs and voice. His voice is amazing!!!!

Then I searched for him and visited mikasounds.com. The website is so cute!! I really really like it!! And so I wanted to find out more about him. And then I come here =)

Actually I am a bit nervous writing here since I feel like so far away from you guys, mostly because of the languages. I have difficulties in thoroughly expressing myself in English. This is the first time I pose an English thread in a foreign community and honestly I'm worrying about the propriety of my words --!

Please feel free to point out my mistake, if any. I really appreciate that. I'm doing my best, learning, and progressing.

You can simply call me Ciss =)


One more: Anyway I'm sure all of us here have one thing in common ---- we are "100% MIKA FANS":wink2:

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your english seems pretty darn perfect to me. seriously! :)


i wish i knew the chinese languages but all i know is "pokkai"...i'm not sure what it means but i DO know i shouldn't say it all the time, lol!


hi and welcome to the Mikamaniac family :P

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i wish i knew the chinese languages but all i know is "pokkai"...i'm not sure what it means but i DO know i shouldn't say it all the time, lol!


:shocked: yea.. you shouldn't say that all the time :shocked:



Hello Ciss! It's great that Mika is starting to gain a fanbase over in the far east! My aunt has a record/cd store in Hong Kong and I am trying to get her to look into stocking Mika's album! HK is so full of rubbish cantopop, but there is a growing underground indie punk rock band thing going on over there which is so refreshing!! (actual bands!! no manufactured rubbish! http://www.ibradio.net/ for more info ;))



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thank you all! i'm so glad and excited to read your reply =)


to raha: thanks! and you indeed shouldn't say "pokkai" all the time haha.. maybe you can pick up some chinese if you like. it won't be hard to speak, i think =)


to alwq2002: wow``Vietnam girl, nice to meet you too!! so few Asian here? um...there will be more and more =)


to chronic00airkisser: i'm from southern China, Guangdong province. i'm really happy that you like China! welcome back!! ps: which city did you go to?


to meimei88: you know Cantonese? haha.. i think there're Mika fans where there're Mika's songs. hopefully more and more fans will come here and jion this community =)

it'll be great if your aunt's store have stock of Mika's album. please let me know, i want to buy one(i don't want to order on line). and i'm looking forward to his music videos

i'm not a bigfans of cantopop, as you say, manufactured.. thank you for the website you recommend =)


to xMariax & Ocean Fairy: thank you! i major in english. i love en and i'm interested in en stuff, eg music, movie, tv series. i spend lots of time study en but i know i still have a lot to learn. talking here really offer me a good chance to practice =)


Again, thank you all! i'm glad to be Mika's fan and to be here. you guys are really really nice and friendly!!

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It seems so great that Mika should even be known in China ! What good news !

And it also seems so great to talk with somebody living so far away from us ! The Internet really is a great invention !

Nice to meet you, Ciss !

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thanks and nice to meet you all!

yeah the internet is soooooo great(i can't remember how many times we write the essay entitled "the benefits of the internet" haha)

Mika is so coooooool and amaaaaaaazing that he deserts fans from all over the world:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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oh..wow, it's great that you travelled to so many places! these are some very famous places for tourism!(i myself dream to travel around china one day):wub2:

maybe the next time you can try sth else, like Sichuan, Yunnan, Macao is also cool, or even Tibet, Xinjiang(get youself prepared)...you have so many choices =)

welcome back to china!!:wink2:

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