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Rescheduled Brighton Gig


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MIKA's tour officially kicks off tomorrow at London's KOKO! Doors open at 7:30pm!


MIKA's Brighton gig will be rescheduled for sometime in May, you will all be the first to know when we have an official date, it's most likely that it will be tied in his tour in May.


Supporting MIKA tomorrow is Kitty, Daisy and Lewis


For all the other dates MIKA will be joined by the wonderful Leon Jean-Marie - Head over to his myspace and listen/add!


Also, some of you MIKA fans from the first tour MIKA did might remember Luke Toms! - Follow that link to go to his MySpace page, add him and you can win tickets to go and see him with Thirteen Senses!


That's all for now! See you all on the road!


LOLLIPOPS ALL ROUND (literally tomorrow!)


mikamyspace xxx

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I think you just know when you are on the brink of being poorly. But he would have to say he had full blown flu or it doesnt sound like a good excuse, hence the supposed miraculous recovery! I expect he just new, he had to take a bed stop. A couple of days in bed EARLY ON can sort most things. If he'd soldiered on feeling under the weather he would prob have got full blown flu, then been off for two weeks or more, missing loads of dates. So although I am truly gutted he missed Brighton,as I had tickets, he prob just made the most sensible decision at the time. I cant wait to see him live in May(twice!!), all the footage looks fab! Love him :mf_lustslow:

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