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Bonjour from Quebec


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Hi, I'm new and very excited about Mika, I've never had such a strong musical crush! Now, I'm enthousiastically promoting him to all my friends. It works wonderfully.

I first heard about him from Perez, then saw him on the Quebec version of MTV (Musique Plus). I'm in love with his Grace Kelly, and going to see his show March 19th in Montreal @ Club Soda... Any other Montrealers here?

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welcome! :)


mika really does sweep us off our feet, doesn't he? :blush-anim-cl: I've never been so fascinated by a musician either!

i'm not from montreal, but i suppose toronto is pretty close. I might be heading to his toronto gig on march 21st. yipee!


great to see that you're heading for his show. :wink2:

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Any other Montrealers here?


Bonjour Montréal.. ici Mirabel :wink2:


Welcome here, it's like a Mika therapy... We want more and more and more and we are all here to support our self and of course Mika :lmao:


On se voit le 19

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