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a new French fan!


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Hi everybody !!

Above all, I apologize for my very bad English (I will try to do my best!).

So my name is Mathilde, I’m 22 years old, I’m French.


I discovered Mika several weeks ago on the radio but I didn’t succeed in remembering his name. But I immediately love his music, his energy.:thumb_yello:

And tanks to Typhaine (who is also a new member here!:punk:), I really discover him last week! Now, I’m very fan of his universe, his songs!


Well, I think of having said the essential. See you soon!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Salut, Mathilde ! Ce forum va finir gravement squatté par les Français, à ce rythme ! Mais tu verras, c'est très chouette, ici ! Ils sont sympas comme tout !

Bienvenue parmi nous !

Tinky :thumb_yello:

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