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Your Favourite season !


Fav Season!  

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  1. 1. Fav Season!

    • Winter - Brrrr its cold , shiver shiver
    • Spring - dawn of new things and leaves and rabbits
    • Summer - Ice cream and sunbathing
    • Autumn - Leaves yeahh and crisp mornings

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So we have four choice here :wink2:


Whats your favourite season and why ? , for me its AUTUMN , being a true romantic , the leaves changing colour , the crisp mornings , frost on the ground and clear blue skies makes it a winner!

it has to be spring, after the cosy, lazy, overindulging winter months


spring is such an uplift, it stimulates the nervous energy, just seeing new buds appear in a lushious virgin green makes me leap up and ready to......


that's why Mika's choice for the next single is a a brilliant one, you can just imagine, ...spring time, the sun shining.... sitting somewhere outside,together.... love me at full blast.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now here is a question......


And which one should it be for the summer, and why?????

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As a philosopher, I like Fall, when, in the gloominess of the colours of the hill where I live, I begin to think about the end of the year and about what I realize.

But as born in April, I like spring, that gives me a new power to do everything :cheerful_h4h:

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every season has it's own kind of magic, but winter will always have a special place in my heart, even if i haven't seen much of it in recent years, but it's snowing today, only the second time this so-called winter, and it makes me smile...

i just love all the possibilities of winter, and it reminds me of all the wonderful times i've had as a kid, making snowmen, having snowball fights...

snow-capped mountains, starry nights, ice skating(i've just skated for the first time recently, although it's been my childhood fantasy for longer than i can remember), running around like a maniac, trying to catch snow on the tip of my tongue, tossing my cat through heaps of snow, watching those perfect, graceful bits of stars glide down while lying on my back in two feet of snow, wet, numb, but utterly happy....ahhh....

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