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t in the park details


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here is a little bit of information about T in the Park line up this summer , tickets go on sale as from tomorrow or you can try now...






I notice that Mika is on on Sunday , Radio 1/ NME stage, which means that they will give it a bit of airtime!!!


He's also listed as the last act, which might also mean that he closes the show on that stage on Sunday night ... as they say...


LEAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!:punk: :punk:

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Praise the lord and pass the tambourine..cos this means he'll be in Ireland on Saturday ..where I will be (with a bit of luck!) ....:naughty:

Muse,Klaxons, Sisters, Goo Goo Dolls, Eds, and Mika ....:mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: I think I may actually die ...from joy :roftl:

by the way you read the lineups from the bottom first ...Kasabian are headlining that stage that night ..so you'll see Mika early doors ..:)

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now I'm really cofused:


Just checked out another site and the line ups are completely different they just do not agree, not even on the dates...


check out and compare:








so, what's going on?

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