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Glasgow: ABC 1 or 2?


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ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS BL**DY BRILLIANT! It was amazing, it was totally incredible.............. I could go on for hours! It was one of the most amazing nights of my life! The youngling (my daughter) and I were right at at the front (There is no there is no truth in the rummor that we killed several people to get there, we are just fast runners!) Mika was just fantastic! To say he blew me away would be a total understatement. The youngling got some fantastic vid and hopefully at the weekend (when she is not at college) I will get her to put it on here.........it is totally uninterupted as she was about a meter away from him. When he played Billy Brown at the piano and smiled directly at me I think I must have resembled a pat of Lurpak on a summers day as I just melted! Will be great to hear what anybody else thought about it..........I didn't see anyone although we hadn't made plans to meet..........not sure if I saw Pheeny.........may have done........were you wearing a rosette Pheeny? Can't wait for Barrowlands in May but I don't think I will ever experience a gig like that again...........so close.............ummmmmmmmmmm I think I am in memory heaven!

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