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I checked the T in the Park site and it said they sold out in 40 mins. But it did say if you register now there is a good chance more tickets could go on sale soon, and if you text there are 5 pairs of tickets in a competition.

I thought it was odd that they have Mika on the NME Stage, as he hasn't been on the NME tour or as far as I 'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong) up for anything in the NME awards. But maybe they weren't sure which was the best place to put him was.

If by some freak of nature, I do actually get a ticket, I have notice that they have him on at the same time as The Fratellies. NOOOO!. How could they do that, I want to see them SOO badly, I keep missing them. It's not fair!:sad::no::tears:

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